Wednesday, 30 April 2014


When dealing with matters I aim to play the ball (issues dealing) and not the man (messenger). Too often we sidetrack and in having goes at people overlook the need to concentrate on the agenda.

Coaching, mentoring and genuine patronage need to be part of strong organisations. Confidence and strength needs to be built within. Sharing of ideas needs to be organisational health at heart.

The fabric of organisations is strong if 'warp' and 'weft' communications are open and honest. Subordinate to superordinate links and peer to peer contexts need to be supportive and appreciative.

THANKS and APPRECIATION need to be built into all organisations. We focus too much on compliance and accountability and insufficiently on genuinely valuing what employees do for businesses.

We should aim to support NT BUSINESSES by preferring them for supply of product and in the letting of contracts for capital works construction. To by-pass local business and go elsewhere is not right.

SELF-CERTIFICATION is a dangerous thing. I believe all work undertaken should be checked by an external certifier, in order to validate the work to both the builder and the client. It avoids pitfalls.

SHODDY WORKMANSHIP is too common! It diminutes the regard members of the community have for trades and tradespeople in general. It sets at naught the reputation of good, honest companies and people.

Businesses shoot themselves in the foot when profitt all costs becomes paramount. It is then that the customer and client becomes disaffected. They feel regarded as being pawns in a profit game.

It seems that many NT Businesses are not particularly interested in business enhancement and public relations. Quotes sought for work needed are not offered or reluctantly provided. APATHY IS SAD!

There are businesses and proprietors who care. For some, there is the challenge of having staff engaged and interested. For others there are staff shortage issues. Employees turnover can be a problem. Skewed motivation is an issue when it is discovered employees are more interested in their salary than their work.

However, the apparent 'don't care and not interested' is certainly inherent within the management of some businesses, particularly trades areas where work is plentiful. Further, there are some business which take the line of 'the customer owes' when it comes to arranging work to be done. In forty year's in the NT, both in remote areas and Darwin, I have seen and experienced plenty of both caring and disinterested businesses. 

WORD OF MOUTH support from satisfied customers and happy clients is the best of all advertising for Northern Territory companies. Shoddy service on the other hand will turn on you in this place.

There are business enterprises that do a great job. We need to remember to appreciate them. Small Business Awards programs are one avenue and nomination for recognition is worth contemplation.

Some businesses fall on hard times, with situations beyond their control. When confronted, proprietors need to look at alternative opportunities. The first reaction should not be defeatist.Chin up!

A problem for enterprise in the NT (and elsewhere) is the STICKABILITY of employees, particularly many of the younger set. Workers need to commit to their work, respecting 'the boss and the business'.

It is important to INVITE CUSTOMER FEEDBACK and their genuine response to service rendered. Seek both compliment and suggestions that might lead to improvement of service delivery.

BRIEF DAILY SUMMARIES can be useful. Summary might include: *Activity/project; * How did I feel (+'s and -'s); *What did I learn; * Implications for study/ work (tasks), people (relations) and self.

As business or service providers, consider thanking clients or users for patronising your organisation. Appreciation expressed in this way will travel via grapevine to others. Value your customers.

Make sure that ONLINE DETAILS are kept up to date, particularly opening hours. If sites get out of date, they can be a source of frustration rather than a font of information for potential customers.

Consider PROMOTIONS through pages of papers, sometimes produced periodicals and via online writing onto interest groups and conference sites. Consider pamphlet drops and get to be known.

The ABBOTT GOVERNMENT has talked of cutting red tape and reducing the time and effort business owners have to devote to administrative process. I hope this happens so owners can refocus on prime needs.

It is a sad state of affairs that throws up the realisation that many young people are disinterested in work. Let us remember and appreciate young people who have a positive and caring work ethic.

My hope is that businesses committing to the employment of young people are not disappointed. Some honour their employers. Others are definitely 'short term' jumping ship, going at a moment's notice.

If people apply for jobs in writing and do not make it onto a short list for interview, make sure they are contacted and advised their applications were unsuccessful. Non-communication is rude.

If people are unsuitable for advertised positions, consider offering them feedback as to why their applications were unsuccessful. Encourage them to up-skill to achieve placement in the future.

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